William Kelly Comment On
Scholars and The Bible
[Gospel Web Globe]

William Kelly Comments on Bible "Scholars" and "Scholarship"

(Editorial Note by James Dearmore --- While I certainly would not agree with Kelly on many
things, yet as we say in Texas, "He said a mouth full" when he made this comment.)

"...there are no men less to be trusted than mere scholars, because, being scholars, they are naturally apt to be proud of their scholarship; and whatever we are proud of is always the very thing in which God will humble us....

Depend upon it, that to know the English Bible well is far better than to know somewhat of Greek or Hebrew; and I have rarely found that knowing a little of these languages has any other effect ordinarily than to give a good deal of conceit...Whatever may be the opportunities that you can look to have for learning, you are never likely to be great scholars.

You may learn a little; but you must remember that as those of old who translated the Bible were men of real learning, so you are never likely, in this respect, to compare with them; nor can you hope to get by such study beyond what you have already got in the English Bible." (William Kelly, of Brethren Fame, in his "Daniel's Seventy Weeks")

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