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Of Our KJV Bible, Plus A Few Humorous Items!
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The Power Of The Word Of God - James Dearmore
 Moderation - Let Us Be Moderate In Our Moderation - Roy Dearmore
 Our Bible, The Foundation For Our Faith - James Dearmore  Those Thee's And Thou's Explained
 Why Creationists & Baptists Should
Not Abandon The King James Bible
 Many New Bibles Have God Saying Gospel Is Foolish! - From A Blog
 Interesting Quotes About Our Bible  KJV Translators To The Readers  More Quotes About Our Bible
 Reina Valera Gomez RVG vs ReinaValera RV  Young Kids And The Bible  What About "Revisions" Of KJV?
 Go To Learn The Bible Site - "Supposed" Contradictions!  Philpot On Keeping AV
 Ronald Reagan On KJV  Ian Paisley On KJV Bible  Oliver Greene On Bible
 Talmadge On KJV  Bible "Facts" - Check It Out  Bible Stops Bullet
 New King James Version "Counterfeit"  I Am The Bible  William Kelly Comments
 New International PER-Version Bible  Abe Lincoln Defends Bible  Is KJV Harder To Read?
Humor and Other Odds and Ends About The Bible
 Close To, Round About, Or Nearby  Bible Stops Sniper Bullet  Shirley Goodnest & Marcy
 Changing Your Religion!  Short Quotes About Bible  The Bible And The TV Guide
 Our Bible According To Children  Kids Thoughts About Bible  Liars and The 17th Chapter

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