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Child Of The King Has An
Encounter With Angels!

 God Moves In Mysterious Ways To Perform His Wonders
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Great Story About Angels - Author Unknown

I had an encounter with angels back in the early 80s when I had car problems very early in the morning. As I was driving, my car began stuttering as I had had car problems prior to getting on the expressway.

I looked down at my gauges and suddenly nothing was working.

The car went silent. Then, I looked up and saw them; 2 HUGE angels (front), 1 on each corner of my hood, looked like they were just ‘walking my car on the expressway. I glanced quickly in my rear-view window and there were 2 in the back. They were carrying my car.

I think I went into a trance because the next thing I knew, I was home. The car was parked outside my house, in the driveway and stopped. I tried to start it and it was totally dead. I ran in to get my husband and he came out to take a look.

I didn't dare tell him at the time about the angels. He looked under the hood and then asked me how I got home. When I told him I drove, he said that it was impossible and that all my belts, were either gone or laying there under the hood. He said it was impossible.

Then, I told him. We trust and love each very much and we are both followers of Christ. He believed me.

Angels DO EXIST and we will see them more and more as this age comes to a close and we will see them to give us hope and belief that there is something greater than ourselves. The doubters will be just that and will most likely never see any until they open their hearts. - - Author Unknown

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