Child's Life Of Christ
From His Birth to His Ascension in Glory,
Most Words Are In One Syllable,
Simple English - Author Unknown
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As JE-SUS was God, and had done no sin, he did not need bap-tism. [ED NOTE: He had no need of baptism, except as a pattern for us to follow. When we, as believers are baptised, it is a picture of the gospel and our acceptance of it, and a symbol of our death to sin and resurrection to a new life, having been washed in the cleansing blood of the Saviour.] But he was man, too, and came in that form down to the world to show men what they ought to do, so he wished to be bap-tized ere he set out to do his life work.

He was grown now, and it was time for him to leave his home in Naz-a-reth and go where he could do the most good. As soon as he was bap-tized, he left the Jor-dan, and went to live for a time in the woods, where he had no one to speak to, and no food to eat.

We do not know just what he did in this place, but we may be sure he felt much pain and woe, and learned to know all the griefs and ills men have to bear. The dev-i1 came to him in these woods as he had once come to Ad-am and Eve in Eden, and tried to tempt him in all sorts of ways, but Je-sus paid no heed to his words. "Get thee hence, Sa-tan!" cried Je-sus, and Sa-tan flies, to tempt him no more, and the hosts of God came to soothe and feed him who has borne so much.

At the end of five or six weeks, Je-sus left these woods, or wild lands, and went back to the Jor-dan, where John the Bap-tist was. When John saw him, he cried: "This is the Lamb of God, who bears the sins of the world;" and when two men, named John and An-drew, who were with the Bap-tist, heard this, they went to Je-sus and asked him where he lived. He said: "Come and see." So they went home with him; and An-drew brought his brother Pe-ter, and said, "We have found the Christ!"

The next day two more men, Phil-ip and Na-than-ael, came to Je-sus, and they all went with him to a feast in the town of Ca-na. Ma-ry was at the feast, too, and when the wine was all gone, she told her son they had need of more wine. Je-sus bade them fill six stone jars full of wa-ter, and then draw it out; and when they did this, they found the wa-ter had turned to wine. This was the first great act Je-sus did, and those who saw it took it as a sign that he was the Son of God, for no mere man could do such a thing.

From Ca-na Je-sus went to Ca-per-na-um, and in a few days kept on to Je-ru-sa-lem to the Great Feast. There he saw some men sell lambs and doves in the House of God; and he drove them out, for he said his Fa-ther's house was a place to pray in, and no one should buy and sell there. When the Jews asked him to show them a sign that he had a right to do this, he said, "Tear down this house, and in three days I will raise it up." They said, "It took six and two score years to build this house, and wilt thou rear it up in three days?" They did not know that Je-sus took this way to tell them that when they killed him (as he knew they would do) he would rise from the dead on the third day.

While he was in Je-ru-sa-lem, at the feast, Je-sus did such great and strange things, that some folks had faith in him, but their faith was so weak that Je-sus dared not trust in them, for he knew they would not stand by him in time of need. One of the men who had some faith, and wished to know more of Je-sus, was named NicĀ­o-de-mus. He came to Je-sus by night, and asked him how and why he wrought these great works. Je-sus told him God had sent him to be King of the Jews, to set up his realm in their hearts, and help them to quit their sins, and be pure and good like new born babes. He said that Je-sus must die to save the world, and that all those who turned to the Son of God on the cross, would be saved, just as those Is-rael-ites, whom the snakes bit, were saved, when they looked at the brass snake on the pole. From that time Nic-o-de-mus was a good friend to Je-sus, and must have thought of this talk when he saw him die on the cross.

On his way from Je-ru-sa-lem to Gal-i-lee, Je-sus had to pass through Sa-ma-ria. The folks of that land did not like the Jews, nor did the Jews like them. Near the town of Sy-char, in Sa-ma-ria, was a deep, cool well, and Je-sus stopped at it to rest and quench his thirst. It was the noon hour, and a wom-an with her jar on her head came to the well. Je-sus asked her to let him drink from it, she said she thought it was strange for a Jew to ask her for a drink. But he told her if she knew with whom she spoke, she would be glad to ask him for a gift, and he would give it to her. They had a long talk, and when she found that he knew who she was, and all the wrong things she had done, she said he must be a great seer. Je-sus told her he was more than a seer, for he was the Christ. When she heard this, she went to the town in haste and said to her friends, "Come see a man who told me all the things I have done in my whole life --- is not this the Christ?"

A crowd soon poured out through the gate of the town to see this strange Jew, who can read the heart and past life of one whom he meets for the first time.

Those that had faith in him, begged him to make his home with them. He stayed two days, and then they said to the wom-an, "All that you told us is true; now that we have seen him and heard his words, we know that he is the Christ, the Sa-viour of the world."

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