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10 Reasons Atheists
Make Me Laugh

Author Unknown
Copied From Kris Minefee
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1. Atheists are fighting against something they don't believe exists. It's like writing blogs against Caspar the Friendly Ghost or Bilbo Baggins. Why would you bother?

2. Atheists spend more time writing on Christian blogs than they do on their own. Why fuel a nonexistent fire?

3. Atheists love to act intellectual until you catch them doing something illogically and then they scream profanities cause that's really intellectual.

4. Atheists have the word theist in their name. Every time they say who they are they call attention to God.

5. Atheists condemn all that's wrong with Christianity and yet can not produce one work of art, literature or sacrificial deed done in the name of atheism. Even they realize it's not worth dying for.

6. Atheists only believe in what their senses tell them unless its Darwin telling them things that happened billions of years ago, then they have more faith than a Catholic at First Communion.

7. Atheists believe in science unless the scientists believe in God, then they denounce the scientist and call him a moron.

8. Atheists believe in their fellow man, unless their fellow man believes in God, then they denounce their fellow man and call him a moron.

9. Atheists believe in the great free-thinkers of the past like Andrew Flew unless they change their mind and become theists then they denounce them and call them morons.

10. Atheists don't believe in morons unless they are atheists and then they embrace them and call them intellectuals.

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