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Leave The Parsonage Just
The Way You Found It

Author Unknown
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A lady walked into a pet shop and asked for 200 rats and 5,000 cockroaches. The owner of the store was a little taken back and said, "I've never had a request like that before. What do you need them for?"

The lady said. "Just sell them to me and I will tell you."

The store owner explained that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get that order in but he could fill the order. He promised to call her when they arrived. The day came and he phoned so she arrived at the store to buy the 200 rats and 5,000 cockroaches.

The owner put all the containers and boxes on the counter for her and said, "Before you leave, I am really curious, why do you need 200 rats and 5,000 cockroaches?"

The woman smiled and said. "The deacons at our church fired my husband 3 weeks ago and they said, 'Pastor, you be sure you leave the parsonage just the way you found it!'"

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