Notes About The Koran,
It's Suras and Ayats
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By Tony Pritchard - Used by Permission

Editorial Note by Webmaster James Dearmore: Some articles we have posted (or will publish) on our Web Sites have dealt with, (or will deal with) various passages quoted from the Koran. To help some readers find certain quotes, like Sura 9.5 (Sura: 9, Ayat 5, or The Immunity 9.5), we have copied the following notes on the Koran, as noted above. In addition to the notes below, it is also well to keep in mind that there are several different English translations of the Koran, or Qu'ran, with some variations between them. HOWEVER, if you are reading from the English translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, (1872–1953) remember he was an avid believer and apologist for the Muslims. Some of his translations and commentaries he wrote in English are not in exact agreement with the Arabic he is translating. According to scholars who are competent linguists in Arabic and English, and know Arabic and Muslim culture well, he seems to ameliorate come areas of the Koran in his English "translation and/or commentaries" to be more palatable to non-Muslims, presumably with a view to winning more converts to Islam. (It is reported that modern editions of his translation have had some of his controversial notes or comments revised or removed). End of Ed. Note.

The Koran consists of 114 chapters, called Suras, they are also given names. Sura 1 is called The Opening, Sura 9 would be The Immunity, and so on (see below for the complete list of Suras).

So, Sura 9.123 would be The Immunity, verse (Ayat) 123, which reads:

"O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil)."

Sura 9.5 would be The Immunity, verse (Ayat) 5, which reads:

"So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

You might find the above referred to as: The Immunity 9.123, The Immunity 9.5, or as quoted Sura: 9, Ayat 123, and Sura: 9, Ayat 5, and so on.

Sura: 4, Ayat: 91 quoted in part:

".... then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these we have given you a clear authority."

This may also be referred to as The Women 4.91.

The Koran - 114 Suras or "Chapters"

 1. The Opening
2. The Cow
3. The Family of Imran
4. The Women
5. The Dinner Table
6. The Cattle
7. The Elevated Places
8. The Accessions
9. The Immunity
10. Jonah
11. The Holy Prophet
12. Yusuf
13. The Thunder
14. Abraham
15. The Rock
16. The Bee
17. The Children of Israel
18. The Cave
19. Marium
20. Ta Ha
21. The Prophets
22. The Pilgrimage
23. The Believers
24. The Light
25. The Distinction
26. The Poets
27. The Ant
28. The Narratives
29. The Spider
30. The Romans
31. Luqman
32. The Adoration
33. The Clans
34. The Saba
35. The Originator
36. Yasin
37. The Rangers
38. Suad
39. The Companions
40. The Believer
41. Ha Mim
42. The Counsel
43. Ornaments of Gold
44. The Smoke
45. The Kneeling
46. The Sandhills
47. Muhammad
48. The Victory
49. The Chambers
50. Qaf
51. The Scatterers
52. The Mountain
53. The Star
54. The Moon
55. The Beneficent
56. The Event
57. The Iron
58. She Who Pleaded
59. The Banishment
60. The Examined One
61. The Ranks
62. The Congregation
63. The Hypocrites
64. The Mutual Deceit
65. The Divorce
66. The Prohibition
67. The Kingdom
68. The Pen
69. The Inevitable
70. The Ways of Ascent
71. Nuh
72. The Jinn
73. The Wrapped Up
74. The Covered One
75. The Resurrection
76. Time
77. The Sent Forth
78. The Great Event
79. The Draggers
80. He Frowned
81. The Folded Up
82. The Cleaving
83. The Deceivers in Measuring
84. The Rending Asunder
85. The Celestial Stations
86. The Nightly Visitant
87. The Most High
88. The Overwhelming Calamity
89. The Daybreak
90. The City
91. The Sun
92. The Night
93. The Brightness
94. The Expansion
95. The Fig
96. The Clot
97. The Grandeur
98. The Clear Evidence
99. The Quaking
100. The Chargers
101. The Calamity
102. Vying in Abundance
103. The Age
104. The Slanderer
105. The Elephant
106. The Quraish
107. Alms
108. The Abundance of Good
109. The Disbelievers
110. The Help
111. The Flame
112. The Unity
113. The Dawn
114. The People
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