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I Peter 2:9-12

"A chosen generation"is the first of seven positions attained thru Christ's substitutionary death on the cruel Roman cross.

I think, we are prone to take our spiritual estate for granted. It was acquired for us via a great price. Compared to what the 'world' offers---it has myriads of benefits. By "world", I'm speaking as set forth in Titus 2:12.

Just think of it; a born again one is recorded to be"a royal priesthood". The priests of Israel's early history were set forth to be spiritual leaders in the worship and service of God. We too, are to do spiritual service. We are individually, and collectively (in the church) to do teaching, preaching, outreach work, etc.. We, are to be "a holy nation". Our citizenry should be to the end that right is done, or at least on our part, so that there is a climate for righteous living for yourself and others. Vibrant saints are an asset to his country of residence. The saint is to be a peculiar person, Titus 2:14. They are to be zealous of good works. Peter describes them as ones to ....shew forth the praises of Him who both called him out of darkness,and into the marvellous light.

The comparison in vs.10 compares our past to our present, who now have obtained mercy.

The apostles who were given over to the Holy Spirit offers a plea to the dearly beloved. He beseeches them, it is like he'd call you over to His side: to be a follower of Christ and servant of the citizenry about you.

Vs.12 says to have your conversation (behaviour) honest, that those whom you deal with will be influenced to do good by your Godly life,and behaviour. The world is watching the Christian's life.Don't fail to be the good witness,for Jesus' sake. DDH

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