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Matthew 26:32

". . . BUT AFTER I AM RISEN AGAIN." - Matthew 26:32

There was never a doubt in Jesus as to what would occur, or how He would fare in the days ahead. Men have long yearned for for such knowledge - - - they have sought soothsayers, weather forcasts, and the Old Farmer's Almanac - - - but don't count on it! Jesus, being God, has all knowledge - - - that's why we can trust Him with our soul and eternal destiny.

This statement envisions the impending death, subsequent burial, and the resurrection. Our present thoughts are about the burial, like many other men's. In fact He was buried in another man's tomb. "And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; . . . ", Isaiah 53:9. Matthew 27:57-60 records the rich man as Joseph a disciple of Jesus and "rich", verse 57.

Joseph was a man of great respect and influence, it seems: and was therefore afforded the acquisition of the body of Jesus, vs. 58, Mark 15:43-46. John's account shows Nicodemus to be a companion in the preparation for, and burial of Jesus in the borrowed tomb, John 19:38-42.

We saints,have come to use the term 'borrowed tomb' as the burial site but we forget that the Bible doesn't use that term. It was in fact 'borrowed', and only for three days and nights.

The record lists not only the two who buried Him, but two Marys who saw where He was laid, Mark 15:47. This burial was perhaps one of the shortest on record.

Jesus foretold His burial as He sat "at meat" in the home of Simon the leper, in Bethany, just days before His death, Matthew 26:6-13.

Every Scriptual baptism portrays three things; death, burial and the resurrection, Romans 6:4-5. DDH.

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