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Jeremiah 35:12-13

The Lord speaks by way of Jeremiah,the prophet, 35:12-13. The record continues by Jeremiah citing the Rechabite folks as being obedient to Jonadab who counselled the people to live a pastoral life, and to avoid drinking wine. While "wine" can be either unfermented or fermented - - - there is much evil connected with the fermented kind. City life is not too conducive to right living. I, as an ex-sailor, have heard this often: 'I'm goin' in to town and get drunk'. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, an old adage says.

The Lord speaks thru Jeremiah to confront the Israelites, and call on them to obey Him. After all, He was the One who saved them from Egyptian bondage; and gave them the Land of promise. They were blessed with an incomparable house of witness: the tabernacle; and with all the pleasant amenities such as teachers, prophets, songs of praise, and heavenly sent rules of instruction for the good life. Add to all that the promises and protection of this His chosen people. Yet, blessed as they were, they yet had wandering eyes and hearts. Soon their hands and feet were stained with evil doings.

The charge against them was:

(1) not receiving instructions, vs.13.

(2) nor hearkening to His words, vs. 13.

(3) His repeated speakings to them were un heeded, vs.14.

(4) He sent His servants and prophets yet they did not incline their ears to hear, vs. 15.

(5) His message was: return from your evil ways, vs.15; and amend (be better) in your doings (works).

We read that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, Galatians 5:9. likewise a bit of sin is too much, as it brings displeasure to the Saviour. He is the One who loved us and gave Himself for us, Revelation 1:5. Think about it, fellow Christian. DDH

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