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Acts 6:1-5

The earthquake ridden city of Antioch was located some 400+ miles N by NE of Jerusalem. It was referred to as "the queen of the east". "Nicolas was a proselyte of Antioch", Acts 6:5. He was one of the first selected as deacons, Acts 6:1-5. The office was identified as "deacon" first in Phillipians 1:1.

At the time of Stephan's marytrdom, Acts 7:54-60, there began a scattering of the saints, Acts 11:29-21. News of the good response to the preached Word came to the ears of the Jerusalem church, Acts 11:22. Barnabas was sent and was pleased by what he saw. He exhorted them to cleave to the Lord. Barnabas seeks Saul (Paul) and finds him and brought him to Antioch.

They assembled with the church a whole year, Acts 11:26. They taught much people the 'all things' of how to be an upright follower of Jesus.

The result was that they received the teaching of the Lord and it showed in their life and conduct. Such teaching is quite lacking in many churches today. Thus they came to be called Christians. The term Christians is coined here at Antioch, Acts 11:27.

Four of the teachers are named:

(1) Barnabas,

(2) Simeon,

(3) Lucius, and

(4) Manaen, Acts 13:1.

Paul embarked on his first missionary journey with the blessings of the Antioch church, see Acts 14:26. He gave them a report of his venture, Acts 14:26-28.

Later, the Jerusalem church sent an emissary comprised of Paul and Barnabas, one Judas, and Silas --- they are referred to as "chief men", Acts 15:22-27. Antioch was a good church in a bad society. DDH.

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