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I Peter 2:1-5-8

I don't know if Jesus' Words exhorting believers to be "... as lively stones," verse 5 has any reference to Peter's name or not. It is said Peter means 'a stone'.

In verse 1, we are admonished to lay aside five naturals; the natural tendencies of the flesh. Only then, it seems,we will be ready to serve Christ. Food is vital to growth; just like milk is to "newborn babes". The milk is a prelimenary food---meat is for ones who have grown out of the babe stage. See Hebrews 5:13-14.

In vs. 4 and 5 of out text Peter tells us how we are built up: (1) we come to Jesus" a living stone", 4; chosen of God and precious---speaking of Jesus. (2) " lively stones are built up a spiritual house," (3) "an holy priesthood, (4) "to offer up spiritual sacrifices". (5) which are "aceptable to God" (6) "by Jesus Christ".

Vs. 6 shows Jesus to be the first and foremost in the building of the"spiritual house",which is the church of the living God. He is the important factor in all church work.

Vs. 7 tells us "he is precious". Some may reject Him but He "is made the head of the corner,".

Vs. 8 says He as the stone by which some stumble, even as the stumbler at the word, being disobedient. Poor souls,they miss the mark, and reject the Saviour. DDH

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