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Romans 6:1-13

When Paul wrote to the Romans, he addresses the sub- ject of how and why we should walk when "...freed from sin." vs. 7. Vss. 11-13 seems to be a call for separation; indicating a laxity in the area of separation from the world about them.

In speaking unto them in verse 4; he says" as Christ was raised up from the dead..even so we also should walk in newness of life."

Vs.12 interjects an interesting thought. He tells them to not let "sin..reign in your..body." This word"reign" is so often used in connection to kings,Matthew 2:1a with vs.22.It is also interesting that the redeemed will "reign" with Him, Rev.20:4, 6 and 22:5.

Vs.13 gives another directive. There are three segments of thought:(1) not yielding your members unto sin. (2)yielding yourselves to God.(3) as redeemed ones,yield your members ...unto God.

One cannot say they have not been properly guided as to what the Lord expects of the redeemed ones. The regenerat- ing work of the Word,Spirit, and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross is proved by His resurrection.

The new creature, 2 Corinthians 5:17,is expected to be a witness and servant of his redeemer. The "new creature", Galatians 6:15 is the same as "the new man",Ephesians 4:24. The "born again" one, John 3:3 should show his newness by obedience to Christ and His Words. DDH

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