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I PETER 5:4-5

Vs.4 begins with a mention of His coming with a spe- cific result concerning the "flock of God". The b-i-g question we always seem to ask is WHEN. We are not told, but we are told He WILL come. Many passages of Scripture refer to this, and to activity concerning it. Our text verses only mentions it as a re- warding aspect.The word "shall" in reference to His appearance, is reassuring to us who look for Him. The reference about His appearance does not specify a time;but it assures us it will come to pass.

Vs. 4 also refers to a "crown of glory". There are 3 excellant things about it:( 1 )a "crown" is usually a reference to a headress. ( 2 ) It will be "..of glory". It is not just an ordinary crown made by men. ( 3 ) It is enduring: it will not face away. See Daniel 12:3; Isaiah 40:10. We may not comprehend all of this verse, or others; but it WILL be a glorious reward. Com- paritivly speaking it will be GREAT to what we do in His ser- vice---the Lord is ALWAYS gracious in His giving.

Vs.5. The focus changes from leaders, both in atti- tude of service, and their teachings, to the recipients of their teachings. It seems to envision a condition of younger saints being resistive to the older and more mature ones, referred to as elders. It likely will be that the submission, 5a; is the door- step to learning and a greater flow of Grace and Blessing to the 'growing in grace' process. May we all be wise. DDH

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