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I Peter 2:13-21

Our consideration at hand follows the last writing. It is a counsel concerning our walk among men;and our conduct con- cerning governments. In general,mankind is a rebel. At an ear- ly age all must learn of parental authority. Age brings them to the school age; they must learn of another authority. When they age more, they learn of the authority over drivers of vehicles. In dating, and mating, there are more rules to observe.

The Christian individual, as referred to in our text, has the indwelling Holy Spirit and the Word as a guide in order to have proper acceptance with the Lord and peace among men.(wow, what a long sentence this turned out to be !).

Peter is moved to write: "Submit yourselves,..." vs.13. He urges saints to do it: "...for the Lord's sake", 11. The thoughtful find that it helps us to take the bitter pill, some times.We should remember we represent the Lord here on earth, at the present time. Vs. 13 says, in so many words: obey the authority,vss.13 and 14.

Sometimes it not easy, sometimes it seem unfair,but "sub mit", for His sake. For this is the will of God, 15a.

Vss.15-16 says we do it "as a servant of God." We must ever be aware that we represent Christ in the earth, during our sojourn here 'below'. (keep our eyes on the fact we will in time be 'up there').

Vs.17 is a concise fourfold summary of the matter under discussion. Vs.19 speaks of "suffering wrongfully".Take it pat- iently. Vs.20 sums it up well. DDH

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