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Philippians 1:7

Paul had a strong tie to the church at Philippi. The endearing words of Philippians 1:5-8 shows his affection for them. The begining of his ministry there was a bitter/sweet experience. It was sweet and then bitter, then sweet again, as the account in Acts 16:12-40 shows.

When he spoke of ". . . confirmation of the gospel . . .", vs 1:7, it is significant. He not only defended it, but he gave a firm establishment of the gospel. He both defended it; but as an offensive team in football, he established yardage in setting it forth to those opposing him and the crowd about in attendance.

Hebrews 6:16 contains the word"confirmation"in the sense of settling the matter. The "greater" referred to, would be the Lord, or His ways: such as His Word or actions.

I'm sure the brethren at Phillipi viewed Paul as a champion for truth, much as when David was in conflict with Goliath. If one is on the side of Truth, he need only follow the leadership of the Spirit, and employ the Word of Truth as his message.

We must not be poorly informed, we are amidst a majority in the world who know not the Lord, and ignore His Word of counsel. Hebrews 2:3 offers us a grand example of the role of testifying saints who echo their Lord, and thus "confirm" the truth of "so great salvation".

The glorious Gospel is a message that brings joy to the saved ones --- the surety one has about the future of the redeemed: which is as sure as the God who wrought it. He came to save sinners by the death on the cross,as their substitute. We MUST firmly assert to the Gospel's authenticity, power, glory to come to them who have Eternal Life. We have a grand hymn called "Dare To Be A Daniel" --- maybe someone should write one "Dare To Be A Confirmer". DDH

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