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I Peter 2:2

The New Testament squarely counsels those whom God calls to the ministry to be 'feeders'. The new born babe arrives with an appetite and for lack of something better, sucks it's fingers or fist. The same is true of the new born babe of the Lord, they do and should "desire the sincere milk of the word," that they may grow thereby, I Peter 2:2.

The same Word contains both "milk" and "meat", Hebrews 5:12 and 14. It is meant "that ye may grow thereby:", I Peter 2:2. In Hebrews 5:12-14, we learn that the "milk" drinker "is a babe,"; and the "meat" is for the mature ("of full age"). One that is born of God should desire the sincere (unadulterated) milk of the word, I Peter 2:2. In the natural birth, the mother feed with the milk of her breast, except for exceptional cases. In the Spiritual birth, the Word teaches of some chosen to feed the newborn child of God on the milk of the Word.

Jesus was a Great Feeder. In His ministry He taught to gain their conversion - - - then He taught so they would grow to maturity; and go out to reach others. Jesus sifts Peter to get him to be a feeder. John 21:15-17 reveal Jesus calling Peter again from the fish nets to the feeding of His "lambs" and "sheep". It was a soul searching encounter that Peter had with the Lord, but it is well that Peter did again leave the fish vocation to serve the Lord in his appointed role - - - as feeder. Peter writes to the "born again", I Peter 1:23, to "feed the flock of God which is among you,", 5:2-3. The reward for such action is given in vs. 4.

Paul urges them at Ephesus to "feed the church of God," Acts 20:28. In his letter to them as seen in Ephesians 4:11-16; he shows the ministry, 11, is for edification of the body of Christ (the church), 12, to the fulness of Christ is realized, 13. They were expected to "grow up", 13, as a "whole body" (church). So it should be in each local church elsewhere.

Feeders must feed the newborn the milk first; and then the meat later. The newborn will not mature beyond a certain point on milk alone. Evangelism is great, but there must be some meat for the mature, too. What wisdom is need for the ministry to fulfill all the need of the church membership. Pray for the pastor, for the pastor who are the feeders. DDH

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