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The book of Hebrews, as well as other books, are indeed a 'Masterpiece of Truth'. Hebrews is the product of the Lord via the converted Pharisee known as Saul of Tarsus, Acts 9:11. He later becomes known as "Paul", Acts 13:9,13; 2 Peter 3: 15-16.

It is thrilling to read what Paul says about Jesus, and the church of God. He was so opposed to both, but was com- pletely turned about by his experience on the road near Dam- ascus, Acts 9:3-16. He was like the mantle of the old Aladdin Lamp---it was ashen gray; but with fuel and a light; it glowed far and wide.

The word "Hebrew" occurs first in Genesis 13:13 where Abram is called the Hebrew. The Hebrew language paralelled by many others such as "...Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew", Luke 23:38.

Many subjects are introduced in the writing or book, we know as Hebrews. It was surely written when the Temple was still in operation, Hebrews 10:11. The Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D.. Scofield dates the writing at 64 A.D.

A good'overview'of the book may be seen by the "better" references: (a) "his Son," is better than angels, 1:2-4. (b) we have a .."better hope", 7:19, with Romans 5:2.(c) by Christ we have a better testiment (covenant), 7:22. (d) Christ offered a better sacrifice, 9:23-24.(d) a better and enduring substance in heaven is gained by giving our all to Him,10:32,(e) martyrs ob- tain a better ressurection, 11:35.

Of my Jesus, I can say, ' in all things He doeth well---and I am the recipient of His labors and grace'. DDH.

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