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Psalms 121:1-3

Helpless, Helper, Help!

I have purposely arranged the title to tell the progression from man's standpoint. It does not reveal the order of occurance, as we will see. Here is a text that will set the order: "I WILL LIFT UP MINE EYES UNTO THE HILLS,FROM WHENCE COMETH MY HELP. MY HELP COMETH FROM THE LORD, WHICH MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH. HE WILL NOT SUFFER THY FOOT TO BE MOVED: HE THAT KEEPETH THEE WILL NOT SLUMBER.", Psalms 121:1-3.

(A) The helper is the "Lord". He is majestic. The maker of heaven and earth. He, then, is our creator. He is powerful over all things, whether creature or other creations. He CAN help! He made it - - - He can enable it! He is 'Omnipotent': (unlimited power,all powerful, Almighty)."I am the Almighty God; . . ." Genesis 17:1.

(B) The 'helpless' are we creatures, with bodies, souls, and spirits. We have sinned, and are therefore lost and "undone" like how Isaiah felt when he saw the Lord upon His throne, Isaiah 6:5. Even as saved ones, our infrastructure is marred by the "old man" which struggles against the "new man", Ephesians 4:22-24.To be overcomers we must have the WORD OF GOD before us; the Spirit of God guiding within us, and the "help" of God always:"Behold, God is my helper, . . ." David said, Psalms 54:4.

(C) Yes, the Lord is my help in being saved, and proceeding to live and serve Him, Psalms 30:10, 33:20. The apostle Paul who so vigorously labored for the cause of Christ, said: "Having there obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great , . . ", Acts 26:20. Let us carry on fellow saints: ". . . for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.", Hebrews 13:5. DDH.

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