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I Peter 1:3-9

Matthew 4:18-20 serves to indicate that Peter was one of two who were first called to discipleship. They,being fishermen, by profession were called to be "fishers of men".

We often say he was a 'writer'; but I doubt he penned the words. I assume he dictated to scribe---perhaps someone in the churches he visited. He does say he writes, but I Peter 5:12 "By Silvanus,". II Peter 3:1, sounds like he wrote it. We do gather that many of that time were not 'formally educated' as we think of it today. This enhances the matter of inspiration, See II Timothy 3:16.

Verse 3 speaks ever so highly of God the Father and Jesus Christ. This "mercy" is to the end that we are "begotten ...again". The capstone of the matter that it starts at the cross , and is consummated by the ressurection of Jesus from the dead.

Verse 4 tells us the end result of the action by Jesus, as is stated in vs.3: "to":(A) "an inheritance", (B) it is"incorruptible", 4 and (C) "undefiled", (D) also "that fadeth not away", (E) "reserved in heaven for you,", Vs. 4.

Verse 5 speaks of the state of the redeemed one, both here and "in the last time." We who are save hath eternal life, vs.5. That is a joyous assurance.

A mystery is referred to in vs. 8. We do not have to see Jesus to believe in Him. But we will see Him, because of the "salvation of your souls.", vs.9. To have eternal life, is to assure joy unspeakable. DDH.

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