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Romans 3:23

My thoughts were stirred as I read from a Clean Jokes book: "A lady standing in her kitchen was showing her friend a neighbor's wash hanging on a clothesline. "As you can see Mrs. Simmons isn't very clean. Just look at all those streaks on her wash!" Her friend replied, "those streaks aren't on your neighbors wash---they're on your window !"

It got me to thinking how people see the Word of God, "those streaks" which some see, may be something in their blurred, or prejudiced thinking.

It is possible to 'create' our own obstacles to believing the Word of God. Case in point, is the Scribes and Pharisees of the New Testament day. They obscured the facts of the Bible and substituted the thoughts of their liking. They saw self as the key factor in right relations with God. If they did works, they didn't need faith. They wouldn't look unto another, like Jesus, to right them in the sight of God the Father. Works for 'salvation' is as old as the human race. The grand part about 'works for salvation' with them was they decided their works,themselves. It is like measuring yourself by yourself. This is a lot like the religions of the world.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy, we will not see ourselves as the Lord sees us. Self esteem blurs our vision and we do not see the need of an intercessor to appease and satisfy the Righteous Father about our sins: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; " -- Romans 3:23.

Face it, we are (or were) sinners hopelessly lost and doomed to hell. Jesus intervened and interceeded so we by God's Grace and Jesus' shed blood, could be saved and sealed for Heaven. DDH

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