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I Peter 1:17-25

Peter refers to our life after becoming a child of God,via: (1) hearing the gospel; which tells how we are, and how God loves us, John 3:16. (2) we are called upon to repent because of our sins, (3) we are to believe on, or trust, Jesus as our Saviour. (4) how faith is initiated, See Romans 10:17.

Peter mentions how " were not redeemed...",18. (A) not by money or precious metals. (B) That which you are redeemed from:vain conversation,meaning behavior that is empty or profitless, cf. Strong. Peter tells us the origin of such tradition, vs. 18. It was from their forefathers. Passed down from 'father to son', etc. It was developed by various of the "fathers" (I am of the opinion this spoke of those who were leaders, tutors, teachers, Rabbis,etc.).

Vs.19 makes a great statement. We are "redeemed" "with the precious blood of Christ (It was precious because of the donor, and because of it's accomplishments.) Peter likened it to the O.T.offerings which called for a perfect speciman: "without blemish and without spot:"

In verse 20,we see the preparation for the action which is to take place at the cross. Vs. 21 tells of the believer, being the object of our faith. Vs. 22 advises us to have "unfeigned love of the brethern". This means not disguised, openly. Vs. 23 explains to us that the "born again"experience is by way of the incorruptible Word of God, which ever abideth---and it is here today! Vs. 24-25 compare flesh in fraility with the ever enduring Word of the Lord. (I) this is the Word of the Lord---and endureth forever. (II) this is the word of by the gospel. (III) that which is preached unto you, even today. See Peter's words in Acts 2:38-40 as he used the Word. DDH

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