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Luke 11:25

" remembrance of me,...", Luke 11:25.

Remembrance is a very important thing in our lives, both physical and spiritual. Some have stated what they 'call to memory' - - - others say 'Don't you remember . . . .?' Remembrance is the opposite of forgetting. Did you learn counting, multiplication tables, language, and history by memorizing? And, don't you utilize that knowledge by remembering? Jesus wants us to remember, not only His name but what He did for us in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension for us.

Two ordinances were given to the New Testament churches - - - they were: baptism of saved ones, and ". . . the Lord's Supper, I Corinthians 11:20. In baptism, the saved one is yielded to the administrater picturing death; in the immersion in water the burial is depicted; and then the subject is raised in likeness of Jesus' resurrection. Those who forget to read the Bible and lack authority to practice the ordinance, have changed it to their own liking and convenience - - - to say it saves a sinner.

The Lord gives us His Word - - - we can read it in an undiluted version - - - we should remember Him and follow it.

The Lord's supper is a testimony of Him - - - it depicts the broken body and shed blood at Calvary, on the cross. We are to remember that it is our only hope for the hereafter.

It may be a surprise to notice how often we are reminded in the Bible to remember:

(1) the early arriving ones at the empty tomb were told by two to remember what Jesus had told them days before, Luke 24:1-6-7.

(2) Peter calls attention to fellow believers to remember eight great things listed in 2 Peter 1:5-7, 12.

(3) Timothy was admonished to put the brethern in remembrance of "the words of faith and of good doctrine," I Timothy 4:6. There are more, but these suffice to clearly see that we need to keep remembering the source of our hope.

You can remember by being reminded: by fellow saints; you can also be reminded by the study of the Word; and, you can be one who helps others to be reminded of God's great Grace toward us in giving us a Saviour, His Spirit, and the Bible. DDH

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