Don Heberly
by Bro. Don Heberly
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"It is finished."

John 19:30

About this time each year the children of God cast over in their minds three great events in Jesus' sojourn on earth. They have for generations before us; it is edifying to us when commercialism has been set aside.

He who was ". . . KING OF THE JEWS." was rejected by the Jewish religious hierarchy. They say"we have no king but Caesar" John 19:15. The followers of Jesus had no voice or choice in the matter. They were disturbed beyond words but they were helpless.

Pilate made a feeble effort to stop the cry of Jewish bigots. It turns out to be a matter of destiny that Jesus should die. The custom of this annual crucifixion of Jewish criminals was altered so Barabbas would be free and the innocent Jesus would be put to death as a sinner of sinners.

The fact is, it proved to be the way He ". . . should taste death for every man", Hebrews 2:9. He could thus bring many sons unto glory, vs 10. He made restitution for the sins of the people, vs.17.

His death was of the cruelest in history. It was a gruesome death to be crucified. It was designed to punish criminals and to put fear into the subjected nation.

Faintly can we fathom the embarrassment that would confront Him - - - He was the sinless Son of God, and to be crucified as a vicious sinner was enough to shock one. Yet willingly He died for you and I - - - those who recognize it and are repentive for their sins and in a sorrow look to Him for forgiveness will have their sins washed away. He died that we might live, everlastingly. DDH.

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