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Matthew 11:28-30

We come to the third part of this statement by Jesus in verses 29-30. There are five key words in these two verses:

(1) my yoke,

(2) learn of me,

(3) find rest,

(4) unto your souls, and

(5) my burden is light.

Jesus' yoke is picturesque. It is "easy" whereas the Jewish religious fanatics had laid "heavy burdens" on them, Matthew 23:4; so much so that they were "heavy laden", Matthew 11:28.

One sees basis for relief of the "heavy burdens" by "learning of me "- - - meaning Jesus. He is not a harsh taskmaster, but you must simply: "learn of me", He said. The process of this 'learning' involves several factors. For us now, it means we must have an accurate and reliable record of Him and His works; and His words. We call that record the Bible. Bible comes from the greek word "Holy" since it is a book made Holy by it's contents and it's value to us. Learning is a process by which one, void of truth, is acquainted with truth. Jesus is the hero of heroes in the Book of books.

Learning is not generally easy; nor is it always a speedy process. Isaiah 28:9-10 gives us a good description. Verse 9 tells of teaching and making to understand knowledge and doctrine. The second thing Verse 9 states is that it is for maturing ones, not the 'milk drinkers'.

Verse 10 shows that the method of teaching and learning is by repetition. This matter is explained more fully in vs.13:

(a) we are talking about teaching the Word of the LORD.

(b) it is by "precept upon precept",

(c) and repeated again, "precept upon precept". (precept means something established, like the commandments of God).

You see, we are ever directed to the Word of God. We absorb it by reading and study; hearing, teaching, and preaching by those qualified and appointed to teach and preach. You'll usually find them in a church patterned after the New Testament models. DDH.

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