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To the Christian, the incarnation of Jesus is much more important than the day of the month of His birth. The word 'incarnation is actually two words put together, like many others in our language. Incarnation is of Latin origin. Incarnate means: to "be a living embodiment". Incarnation is defined by Barnhart as: "a taking on of human form by a divine being". See Michah 5.2.

The idea of a birthday celebration seems to be reserved to the worldling kings (wise men) from the east, as recorded in the Scriptures. Along with these, the Pharoah, Genesis 40:20, and Herod, in Matthew 14:6 seems to emphasize it. Ecclesiastes 7:1 seems to emphasize the day of death being more important than one's birth.

Men recognized the date of His birth because they would calculate He was: ". . . from two years old . . .", Matthew 2:1. In many other instances their ages were cited; they had to know the starting point. It does not seem it was generally celebrated.

However, the Father wanted the birth of Jesus to get notice and several incidents surround it in the Book of books. In the course of our study, we will highlight these elements. They are both interesting and revealing about the Person, Jesus, on whom they have their focus .

Today, the emphasis is set on buying and giving. But sadly it's (that is Christmas season) the best time of the year for merchants who sell to buyers who give it to one another. It has become highly commercialized.

Colored lights, fictitious characters, and reveling have largly rooted out the supposed celebration of Christ's birth. I shouldn't wonder that the Lord purposely hid the date from men's eyes because He knew what they would do with it; like they do now!

It surely was NOT December 25th. Have a good forever, because of what Jesus did in providing a sacrifice for our sins. DDH.

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