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I'd like to try to rephrase an old addage: (to be) "fore-warned" (is to be) "forearmed". The prophecies, of old, told of the coming of Christ. There are many "tell-tale" clues so that men would recognize Him when He came --- relatively few, however, did. I want to review some of the 'previews' of His coming. This is by no means all of them; I, may not even recognize all of them --- they were given as signs --- but here are some:

(a) a boy child shall be virgin born, "The Lord Himself shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son,..." Isaiah 7:14.

(b) His name shall be called "Immanuel", which is interpreted to mean "God with us", Isaiah 7:14.

(c) a forerunner called "the voice" will go before Him and, among other things, say "Behold your God!", Isaiah 40:3, 9. This was John the Baptist, Matthew 3:1-3.

(d) This special One would be born in Bethlehem, the city of David, Micah 5:2. His role "ruler in Israel" is given. He died being labeled "King of the Jews", Luke 23:38. The wise men asked "where is he that is born king of the Jews", Matthew 2:2. Pilate asked Him "art thou the king of the Jews?", Mark 15:20.

(e) the time of His appearance is forseen in Daniel 7:7, 23. It will be during this fourth world empire, well known as the Roman Empire. Thus the Roman tax customs, the soldiers, and leaders named in the days of His lifetime.

(f) the place of His birth is given in Micah 5:2. It is called Bethlehem Ephratah because the latter name is an ancient name for Bethlehem, Genesis 35:19. It will keep down confusion about another "Bethlehem" mentioned in Joshua 19:15; which was in Zebulun territory up north.

(g) the word "fulfilled" is used copiously in references to Jesus and His coming. Such an instance is found in Matthew 1:20-25 when the angel of the Lord spoke of His name; JESUS would be given to fulfill the prophecy of Micah 5:2: "Emannuel" which means "God with us", Matthew 1:23. When He came to be "with us", He is then called Jesus which means Saviour. God Bless! DDH.

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