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For those who gain their knowledge about the birth of Christ from the Bible; and not from 'Holiday Cards'; it is a great series of events. The night time visit of the shepherds from Bethlehem's surroundings was an epoch beginning of Christ being identified, Luke 2:8-18. Little may have come of it, but they made it known, vs. 17.

After 8 days Jesus was circumcised in the manner of the Jews from olden times, Luke 2:21; 1:31. He was named Jesus as both Mary and Joseph had been so instructed, Matthew 1:21; 25. Jesus means "Saviour".

Mary and Joseph, with Jesus, appeared at the Temple to do as instructed in Leviticus 12:6-8. It was for her purification, Luke 22-24.

Two marvellous people were encountered during this visit. Simeon and Anna added their testimony as to the Son born to Mary, Luke 2:25-38.

From the Temple they were led to their own town, Luke 2:39-40. All the events from His birth to arrival in Nazareth was surely less than 3 months.

Some time later, the "wise men" came from "the East to Jerusalem", Matthew 2:1, having seen His star, vs 2, and deciphering what it meant, see Numbers 24:15-17.

Mind you, Baalam came to resist Israel as they were on nearly the last leg of the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. The wise men found this passage about the "Star out of Jacob" in Numbers 24:17. Balaam must have recorded his experience after his return home.They would decide what to do, and make preparations for the long journey.

I anticipate that this would take at least 1 1/2 years before they arrived in Jerusalem.

As they came to Jerusalem, the supposed place this One should be, they inquired of the king, and the scribes, Matthew 2:1-8.

Being told of Bethlehem, they started that way, but were interrupted by the "star", vs 9; which went before them to Nazareth for that is where Jesus would be, read vss 9-12.

What a Record; What a Saviour! What Providence to spare Him until He would offer Himself a ransom for many at the cross paying for our sins. THINK JESUS, this season! DDH.

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