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Proverbs 1:10

The "peer" may be young or old, good or bad, rich or poor. Many examples may be seen of peers influencing others to bad, but we want to show where bad influence didn't affect Samuel, the one under scrutiny.

In our day many of our faults,failures,and habits are blamed on others. We make mention of it as being due to 'peer pressure'. Thus we accuse our fellows concerning what we do. Friends are good - - - they are like a flower; if one is good - - - a bouquet is even better. It is important that our friends, colleagues, or associates are such that they do not become the enemy of our best interests. If they draw us away from good and God - - - we are better off without them.

Solomon, who ought to know, advised his son in Proverbs 1:10. He places the responsibility correctly. If they entice you:

(A) to do wrong, Proverbs 1:10-12, (B) to go along with them,14

(C) to get rich without laboring for it, 13; it is you who must make the decision and govern yourself. You may not turn them about but why not try? Here is what you are to do:

(1) consent not thou, 10.

(2) walk not in the way with them, 15a.

(3) refrain (to withhold) thy foot from their path. In other words, just plainly don't go along with them - - - don't even keep company with such.

Let's see how Samuel stood up under influences; it not an open opposition. It is a safe assumption that Peninnah's rash taunts did not cease when Samuel was born. They were likely carried on by her children too. It is much the same way as a choir leader gets the chorus to follow his notes. These were older than Samuel - - - that is a factor, too. Yet if any influence was brought to bear, we do not detect a deviation in Samuel's character and conduct. He had a praying mother who was in touch with the Lord - - - that is a great plus.

Secondly, the household of Eli was a testing ground, as well as a training field for him. There were the older sons of Eli. They were influential because of their age and position. They were evil beyond measure, See I Samuel 2:12,17. Yet Samuel grew in favor with the Lord, 2:26. He had two pluses to his favor, He had his praying mother, a Godly father, and Eli who tried to serve the Lord. We mustn't forget the Lord's hand in this matter, it is expressed in 2:35. DDH

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