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John 21:14-18 -22

Our discussions in I Peter, of late, tells us of Peter's devo- tion to the Lord, and how the Lord inspired him to teach and serve.

Our text, above, tells of a prediction concerning Peter: (a) it is the third time Jesus appears to His disciples after His res- surection,vs.14. (b) Simon, Peter, is singled out,15. (c) the sub- ject is 'devotion to Jesus the Saviour',15. (d) the devotion will be displayed in the pastoral duty of feeding the young and old saints, 15,16,17. (e) The repeated sieving of Peter brought him to a complete commitment, to serve the Saviour. Only those who"lovest" the Lord, in the same fashion,will serve Jesus well.

An interesting prophecy about Peter's future days is given in vss.18-19. He would live to old age, 18. He would be car- ried to that which he "wouldest not.",18.This spoke of a dread- ful death. It is not explained, either here or elsewhere, in the Book. Tradition tells us that at the same period of time as when Paul was martyred, under the rule of Nero. The tradition says Peter's wife was also martyred. It is said Peter requested to be hung with his head downward. I think this would reveal Peter's humility, and great respect for his Saviour.

I will close this present theme by saying the Writings of Peter in 1st. and 2nd Peter; shows the spiritual maturiy of Peter. In the annals of Heaven, it must read the he did love the Lord. DDH.

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