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The Power of His Resurrection

Phillipians 3:10

Paul, writing to the church at Philippi, about 31 years after Jesus' resurrection, spoke of it as being with "power". This word means with "ability", and denotes ". . . force in motion". It was the impetus for the apostles to forge forward to carry out the great commission. It remains the same today.

The summary of the post-crucifixion scene shows us how Divine power brought about His resurrection. It so energized the disciples that they went forth being moved by it's "power".

The Jewish religionists came to Pilate asking that the sepulchre be made secure since He had over and again foretold that He would "rise again" "from the dead", Matthew 27:62-63-66. They asked that ". . . the sepulchre be made sure until the third day, . . .", 64. Pilate complied with their wishes by giving a royal order which included

(1) to seal the stone, and

(2) to set a watch (guard), 64.

Thus, with some kind of impression in a 'morterlike' substance, the "great stone" was bonded to the tomb's wall. A double measure was that "a watch" was set, Matthew 27:66. This was a group of Roman soldiers. They are called "keepers" - - - note the plural number in both Matthew 28:4 and 11. Well! Rome was overpowered, as our accounts clearly show.

The grandeur of "the angel of the Lord" and the "great earthquake" took over the solemn scene, Matthew 28:1-8. Victory is evident - - - Rome could not suppress Him in the grave; and could not contain Him. As always, when 'His time was come' He proceeded with the Divine plan. The angels, (Luke 24:4 with John 20:12 and Matthew 27:60) rolled away the great stone to unveil the empty tomb.

As is the case often, you fail when you bribe someone to coverup for you. Matthew 28:11-15 tells of a plot to explain the empty tomb. The failed guards told what happened and were given bribe money to lie. The enemies of the cross are a defeated crew, but they seem to never give up in trying to gain their aim.

The great hymn says: "I serve a risen Saviour, He's in the world today;
I know that He is living, whatever men may say; - - -".

Thank you Alfred Ackley for resounding this great Truth. DDH

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