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by Bro. Don Heberly
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Mark 1:15

In today's world it seems repentance is an almost forgotten part of being saved. To show how vital it is, Jesus said, "...except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.", Luke 13:3.

Therefore, it is an important link in the process which results in our being saved. The element which shows our sin is the Gospel. The word "gospel", such as in Luke 4:18, is defined by Young as: "to tell the good news". It is good news if you heed it, but it can be bad news if you shun it.

We preach the gospel,and the Lord does the rest. In fact He even preserved the gospel for us which we now preach.This gospel is the good news that God has provided a way of salvation to any who repent and believe on the Christ, presented in that gospel.

Romans 2:4 reveals that the goodness of God leadeth us to repentance. When that gospel of goodness is preached a second element 'kicks in' --- it is: godly sorrow worketh repentance to Salvation.

When the Word is proclaimed, Christ as Saviour and substitute is extolled --- we then see ourselves as the sinner He came to save. Seeing ourselves as we really are should cause us to sorrow for our sins.

Also seeing ourselves as helpless to stop or correct our sinful practices, we by faith in Jesus ask Him to save us from our sins. He hears and heeds our call. Be numbered with ". . . them that believe to the saving of the soul.", Hebrews 10:39. DDH.

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