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Luke 2:8-20

In the quiet countryside field near Bethlehem, a group of shepherds huddled together on the night Jesus was born. At about a millennia before, in these same hills, David the famous shepherd tended his father's sheep. Bethlehem is also called the city of David.

We don't know the numbers, or lineage of these shepherds; but we are struck with their sincererity and sense of priority; maybe that is why they were chosen to bear the first message of the birth of the Saviour.

Verse 9 tells of the coming of none other than than "the angel of the Lord". The visual accompanyment was dazzling. And the affect on them was natural - - - "they were sore afraid". The degree of fear was great. Right off they were assured as the Lord always says "Fear not", 10. The angel said:

(1) I bring you good tidings (good news).

(2) of great joy (the Saviour has come and the Salvation He brings, brings joy to the recipient.

(3) ". . . It is to all people." (to Jews and Gentiles alike).

So they will know whereof He speaks, He will give a sign:

(a) Ye shall find the babe.

(b) Wrapped in swaddling clothes (wrapped by strips of cloth).

(c) Lying in a manger (crib for fodder) or a stall.

This seems unfitting for the birthplace of the King of kings. But a birthplace does not limit the destiny to which One may rise.

The angelic chorus, 13, serves as a second witness to confirm the facts. Their message boils down to"glory to God"and "peace, good will toward men.", 14.

When the angels had"gone away..into heaven", 15, from where they had come; the shepherds became curious, so curiously taken up with the thoughts placed upon them that they left the sheep to go to nearby Bethlehem:

(I) Let us go now,15.

(II) "go unto..Bethlehem . . ."

(III) See this thing which is come to pass. THEY BELIEVED THE MESSENGERS.

(IV) the thing which the "Lord" hath made known unto us.

They knew the source of this audio/visual message.

They came hurrying and found Him, as would be expected. They found Him, but how? I have always wondered as there was an overflow of people there. The Lord wanted Him to be found! Likewise He wants us to find Him in our time: "Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: . . .", Isaiah 55:6. DDH

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