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Psalms 84:3

One bird book lists 32 kinds of sparrows in the USA. Among them is the house sparrow, also called the English sparrow, because it is thought it was introduced from there.

Our conclusion is that this might be the sparrow mentioned in Psalms 84:3 where it refers to "an house . . . even thine altars . . .". In my own experience I have seen them build nests in barns, the gable of houses, and chicken houses.

I also have known them to spread lice, fleas, and even bed bugs. They are not desireable birds to many people (I'm one of them). However, they do abound over our Americas. I feed grain to birds in my yard. Several kinds come - - - the sparrows come in a flock, sometimes upwards to 50 at a time.

Jesus refers to their low value in both Matthew and Luke's accounts. According to one source, the farthing was one of the lowest denominations of money in that time - - - equal to one cent. Luke 12:6 mentions five sparrows being worth two farthings.

As worthless as they were, ". . . not one of them is forgotten before God.", Luke 12:6; Matthew 10:29.

The main thrust of these passages is shown in Matthew 10:31 and Luke 12:7. God's 'watchcare' over US is because we are of even more value than the lowly sparrow.

Folks, think of God, He provides us food and shelter. He gives health and Scriptures for wisdom and knowledge. He gives capabilities to love like no other creatures. He gives the resource of wisdom and instruction today unlike any former centuries - - - we have the accumulated Word of God in our own language. We have available the unction of the Holy Spirit to understand it.

Are we blessed, Oh yes! Are we grateful? Well, you must answer that even as I must. "His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me:" is a quote from a beautiful hymn by Cevilla D Marin. DDH

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