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Joshua 13:22

Some 14 1/2 centuries before Christ came to the scene, a hired soothsayer of questionable loyalties spoke of a special star. The said soothsayer Balaam, Joshua 13:22, is hired by Balak, king of Moab, to curse his enemies, the Israelites, who are headed to the promised land from their wilderness journeys. The scenario is recorded in Numbers chapters 22 through 24.

The importance to us of this matter is the great prophetic truth found in one of his parables. His fiendish plans are overthrown and he has to speak according to ". . . the words of God . . ." as knowing ". . . the knowledge of the most High . . ." which he had seen ". . . vision of the Almighty, . . .", Numbers 24:16. He is made to speak for the Lord about the coming Messiah (see Numbers 27:17):

(a) "I shall see him, but not now: . . ." The prophecy is about a time future - - - but the definIte time is not given.

(b) "I shall see him, but not nigh: . . ." This is a second statement like the method of Jesus in saying: "Verily, Verily". Under Jewish teachings it meant to establish the surety of the matter.

(c) "there shall come a Star out of Jacob, . . ." This One foretold will be a standout among men as the heavenly star against an azure backdrop. But the verse must have a deeper meaning yet. This star will come out of the lineage of Jacob, Matthew 1:1-17. It turns out that the reference to a star has a more literal meaning in that ". . . wise men from the east . . ." see such a star, Matthew 2:1.

(d) Balaam told of this "Star" being associated with ". . . a Sceptre".

The wise men came looking for the ". . . King of the Jews . . .", Matthew 2:2. Hebrews I:8 quoted the Father about the Son and speaks of two aspects of Him as a "sceptre".

The prophecies of Jesus are given that men may recognize Jesus as the Messiah when He comes to fulfill the long awaited role as our Saviour.

A star at the top of the tree, or the twinkling lights of decorations may have been to be a reminder of this promised star of which Balaam spoke. If that guiding star is yet in the heavens, it has filled a mighty mission in absolute and complete obedience.

When I think of it's role in that matter of old; it seems to me the Holy Spirit parallels in a similiar role in the saints of God. ". . . when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: . . . ", John 16:13. Let's be led obediently like the travellers from the east. DDH

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