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Matthew 2:1 - 11

Last time, (in Part 1 of "Star Pointing . . ") we told of the star seen in the east by the wise men. Nothing indicates that it led them to Jerusalem, as the artists portray. They knew what it meant and knew where they should find Him - - - in the land of the Jews. Jerusalem was it's capitol, so they went there.

They were right on track. Their planning, preparing and travels surely took some considerable time. The trip in itself might be about 1,100 miles. Camels were customarily used for such travel, but no camels are mentioned. All this adds up to a time lapse in which Jesus isn't still where He was born as they arrive at Jerusalem, (1).

Meanwhile, Jesus is born in Bethlehem due to a decree of Caesar Augustus about taxation, Luke 2:1-5.

(a) His birth, 6-7.

(b) He is circumcised according to tradition, 21.

(c) 40 days after His birth they are at the Temple in Jerusalem, 22-24; Leviticus 12:7-8.

(d) They return to Nazareth, and are in a "house".

Many artists and writers, being without Bible knowledge, have 'muddied up the waters of truth'.

The wise men were unswerved by the lack of knowledge in Jerusalem about the "King of the Jews . . .", Matthew 2:2-3.

(1) For selfish reasons Herod gathers the supposed knowledgeable Jews to answer the wise men's query. He, however, was visibly disturbed over the mention of a Jewish King.

(2) The chief priests and scribes cite Micah 5:2.

(3) Herod wants to know the age of this King, 7.

(4) Supposing Him to be in Bethlehem, he sends the wise men on their way with a condition attached, 8.

(5) A condition which the Lord revokes later.

(6) They start the 5-6 mile trek, 9a.

(7) The star appears again, they rejoice as it leads them to the young child, 9b, c; 10.

(8)They find Him in a "house" in Nazareth, 11.

(9) they pay homage by falling down and worshipping Him, 11a.

(10) They present three kinds of gifts.

(11) And then go home by a different route, being warned of God, 12.

Thus, we have completed the tale of a star that pointed US to the Messiah. I am so glad for His Saving Grace, aren't you? DDH.

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