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The Great Christ

I Peter 2:21-25

I marvel that Peter is so'right on';whereas he had early on been so impetuous: (acting hastily...with sudden feeling). I real- ize his writing here was inspired of God; but Peter was used as a penman, 2 Timothy 3:16.

Peter had been, in my words, crude: that is "lacking finish, grace, taste, or refinement",according to my dictionary. We do have folks who go in for a 'remake' or 'redo'cosmetically. They have a hairdo, facial treatment, etc. There is usually a vast dif- ference in the 'before' and 'after' appearance. So it was in this man Peter's life. The Lord never gave up on him. This epistle surely proves it.

Being trained, and inspired, he gives counsel like he never could have when he was first called, John 1:40-42; Mark 1:16- 18. All Scripture is inspired by God---Peter was used, among others.They were somewhat like the 'grayish' mantle of the fam- ous Coleman Lamp---when fuel and flame activated it; it glows ever so bright.

We,should be ready to suffer a little for the cause of Christ, He suferred for us,21a. He left us an example,21b. We should follow His step, 21c.

The great example of Christ, 22-24 : (1) who did no sin. (2) neither was there any guile (deceit) found in His mouth (in His speech). (3) when they charged Him, He did not retaliate. (4) He suffered silently, He threatened not (although He could have). (5) He commited Himself to the care of His Father.

He suffered &bare our sins in His own body,so we would and could live righteously. We are healed; He was striped by a cruel whip, Isaiah 50:6.

The redeemed could echo the words of vs. 25. Saved by Grace, Oh how sweet the sound. DDH.