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Exodus 13:9

In a far-away land, of a long time ago, a people called the Israelites, chosen ones, children of promise, Hebrews, etc. They were welcomed to Egypt, but later enslaved. This is not a fairy tale but a Divine record of truth. The third part of this equation is that the Lord delivered them from Egypt. They were now in the desert or wilderness of Sinai, Exodus 19:1-2. He had brought them out of Egypt with a strong hand, Exodus 13:9. The Egyptians pursued them and were visited with a drowning defeat.

Israel experienced many lessons: some by their failures; others by heeding the counsel of God where a promise looms out in Exodus 23:20. An angel will help them and they will be brought into "the place"---the promised land.

Our interest centers on the "gospel" that was preached "unto them". You cannot read Hebrews 3:16-4:2 without seeing the gospel was preached. It is with this method of old, that we want to dwell for a while. The Lord wanted "a sanctuary" among them Exodus 25:8. And He would give the pattern of "the tabernacle", Exodus 25:9.

The word "sanctuary" and "the tabernacle" are the same thing. "Sanctuary" means "chapel, or holy place" - - - they are the translations of the same word. It is evident that the Lord had something worderful in mind. At this stage of the 'exodus', they had neither land or workmanship to make a sanctuary fitting for the God of Heaven.

A lesson we may draw, is that when God calls upon us to do a work, He will provide us a way to do it. Being 'in transit' as they were, it was fitting that they should have what is later referred to as "the tabernacle of witness", Numbers 17:18. It leaves us marvelling as we see HOW it is built under such conditions as existed. God CAN do great things if man will let Him use him. DDH

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