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Exodus 10:25-26

Without much detail being given, it is yet obvious that much livestock went with them, Exodus 10:25-26. It was literally a nation on the move, with all their belongings and much of Egypt's treasure.

Several acts of intervention showed the Lord was in their venture. Useable water and manna was vital food for them. Victory in war showed His providence toward this sometimes nation of doubters.

Israel came to Mount Sinai, Exodus 19:1-2. They were at the nether (lower) part of the mount---literally, out before it, Exodus 19:17. They were not to ascend the mount. They were forbidden to "touch" it, 19:12.

Two English ladies travelled the route which Israel made from Egypt to the Promised Land, visiting many sites along the way. They gave two observations to identify the right location of the mount. While I can't know exactly the date of their trip, the book binding, print style, paper used and sketches lead me to think it was printed 100-150 years ago. Mildred Duff and Noel Hope described the mount in the light of Exodus 19:12-13.

(1) It rises "so directly from the plain, in one tremendous precipice of solid rock, that a man might almost stand on level ground and touch its huge sides . . . with his hands." They were to set bounds about the mount, Exodus 19:12, 23.

(2) There was one access only to the mount. They write: "For a long while they could catch glimpses of his solitary figure winding slowly up the great scar or cut in the mountain-side, that forms to this day the only path from the camping plain to the summit."

It was here that Moses received the "pattern" for the tabernacle, as mentioned in Exodus 25:9, 40. God also has a pattern for each of our lives. We have it revealed to us as we study the Bible and learn from the Holy Spirit. Are we seeking it? DDH

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