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Exodus 25 - Hebrews 4:2

As we follow the construction of this marvellous arrangement we must keep in mind that beauty to the eye, is not it's primary object. It is a preachment of the gospel unto a people of that time, Hebrews 4:2.

Exodus 25, guides us to believe the ark was to be made first. Simply put, it was a boxlike container - - - for it would, among other things, hold the "testimony" which He would give them, 16.

It is referred to as ". . . . the ark of the testimony . . .", 21. The base of the ark would be made of shittim wood. This was from the acasia or shittim trees, unique to this region. It's qualities were suitable for that which it represented.

The dimension was 2 1/2 cubits(about 3 3/4 feet) long and 1 1/2 cubits high, and wide (about 2 1/2 feet). There would be a crown around the opening at the top. We presume it to have a bottom. A crown of gold would be about the top. This is suggestive of a king's crown; and, would serve as a 'fence' to hold the 'lid' in place. Four rings would be cast of gold and affixed two on each side. Staves of shittim wood would be overlaid with gold. These staves were so the ark may be borne - - - for they will travel - - - and assemble it from place to place. The said staves were not to be removed.

Men have long time held that the ark was one of 7 pieces of 'furniture' which was arranged so that when viewed, from up above, would form a cross. I use the word furniture in the modern sense of the word. "Furniture" in Exodus sounds more like accessories, See 31:7-9; 35:14, and 39:33.

In type, I feel the ark portrays an aspect of Christ. The wood represents His flesh; the gold, His deity; and the crown, His kingship as "King of kings", II Timothy 6:16. Nathaniel saw Him as such, John 1:49. DDH

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