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Exodus 25:17-22

The mercy seat may be illustrated partially by considering the 'county seat' - - - it is the place where county government originates. The mercy seat is where the Lord will "meet" and "commune" with the Israeites, Exodus 25:22. Don't mistake this to mean the people went into the area where it was situated.

The construction of it is unique. The location of it is of the greatest importance, as we will show later. It is of "pure gold", whereas the ark is of wood overlaid with pure gold. The gold bespeaks the divinity; the wood, of the flesh of Jesus (God manifest in the flesh, I Timothy 3:16). The mercy seat is the size of the ark (2 1/2 cubits by 1 1/2 cubits).

A cherubim would be placed on each end, 19. The cherub or cherubims (the plural form) were to be of a "beaten work". Gold, especially in the pure form, is very malleable. It could be peened with a tool like we identify as a hammer. This process will be repeated in the construction of other parts of the tabernacle unit.

No height for the cherubims is given. They would need be such that each being on an end of the mercy seat, the wings would touch, or nearly do so, in order to form an arch above a very sacred spot. They would be facing the place which the Lord would occupy as He would "meet" and "commune" with the people.

I feel three words summarize the significance, of not only the mercy seat, but the other gold items in the tabernacle unit. Gold has, before and since, been at the zenith of men's desires. Mercy is a favor, much relished by those wise enough to see it's need. It smacks of love, pity, and compassionate concern. It emanates from a benefactor (God), to the beneficiary (mankind). I am reminded of the Doxology which begins: "Praise God, from whom all blessing flow . . . .". The mercy seat expressed that point well. DDH

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