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THE TABERNACLE 8 - Golden Candlestick

Exodus 25:31 - 32

The golden candlestick is the second item of pure gold in the complex of things known as the tabernacle in the wilderness. The other item was the mercy seat, also of pure gold. Both speak of that which is totally divine.

This item of furniture was to be of pure gold and formed by being a "beaten work" - - - a process of 'peening' or shaping it by a hammer. It staggers my imagination as to how such a large and intricate object could be done in a wilderness circumstance; but they were given extra special skills for a very special work.

There was a central "shaft", Exod.25:31 and having three branches out of each side (opposing each other), Exod. 25:31 - 32. It was all done according to the pattern shown Moses in the mount, Numbers 8:4.

There was a set of designs used for the shaft, and six branches, making them like

(a) "bowls" (oval like almonds).

(b) "a knop" (like a bud yet showing under a flower).

(c) "flowers" (as an open flower to hold oil recepticles).

Together, they were ornate indeed. Relatively few eyes were privileged to see it.

The oil would be replenished, and the 'wick' trimmed at certain times while the tabernacle was set up for use. The oil was said to be "pure olive oil", Exod. 27:20. The lamp was to burn "always".

The light bearing candlestick was to be covered with a blue cloth while in transit, Numbers 4:9.

The candlestick was pure gold and speaks of Divinity, and previews Jesus as the Light of the world, John 8:12. He also, can make us so we can walk in light, and have the light of life, John 8:12. DDH.

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