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"this untoward generation.", Acts 2:40

These are the words of Peter as he testified and exhorted in Jerusalem, after Jesus' ascension. The word "generation" is a unique word. It is not measured in the terms of years.

The same word is rendered "ages" and "time" in other instances in the New Testament. We would be safe in saying that Peter was referring to a people in that "age" or span of "time". They were contemporary with Peter.

They are described by Peter as an untoward generation. "Untoward" means "crook" or crooked, and is a synonym to "preverse", Philippians 2:15. The same word is rendered in I Peter 2:18 as "froward"; and is shown to be opposite to the "good and gentle".

Some of those standing in Peter's audience might well have stained themselves badly by being party to the wicked hands that crucified Jesus on the cross of Calvary. Jesus referred to such a generation in Matthew 16:4; Luke 17:25.

As bad as they were, by the Grace of God they could be changed by the new birth. Jesus said to Nicodemus, a Pharisee, and a ruler of the Jews: "Ye must be born again". This man Nicodemus could be born again regardless of his former religious position. He was born again and boldly exhibited his new birth by joining with Joseph, also a disciple, by burying the body of Jesus, John 19:38-41.These two courageous men were apparently given a measure of Grace to engage in such a risky action when hatred (against followers of Jesus) was running wild, John 19:38-41.

You see,it's not so much what you once was;it's what you do regarding Jesus our Saviour which determines what you can do right, from now on. Many who have lived recklessly, have now been reclaimed - - - because Jesus came and died for us. DDH

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