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I John 1:8-10

This is not to say there are only three 'ifs' in the Bible, but we are only considering three in the verses of our text.

The first "if" we wish to consider is in vs.8: "If we say that we have no sin,...". I can't imagine how anyone could possibly say they have no sin; or in other words, 'that they have not sinned'.

The Bible clearly states: "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" -- Romans 3:23. One is woefully deceived if he says he has not sinned. It would be wonderful if one did not err after initially being washed from their sins, as is stated in Rev.1:5. The truth is that provision has been made for those who do sin, in one for or another. Peter is an example of such a one. Luke 5:5-11 shows Peter to be disobedient to the bidding of the Lord. Hear his words in vs. 8.

Vs.9 reveals a means of solving our sin problem. We must "confess our sins". Men have become confused as to how, and to whom we "confess our sins" to. Historically, men have confessed sin to 'men' (other persons). This is # 1, in our consideration. This has been sorely abused by some; even to the point of extortion. We should consider vs. 8 as directing us to confess our sin to Him. He, it is, that can forgive our sins,for they are basicly, if not wholly, against Him. This is not to say we should not confess our sinned toward individuals whom we may have sinned against. They may not forgive such a one, but He will.

'Sinless perfection' is a dream of ignorant mankind. It leads to further depths of sin as vs. 10 reveals. "He is faithful", vs. 9. DDH