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Unequally Yoked Together

II Corinthians 6:14

Paul discussed the separation from the worldly element. As believers, they must not be associated discordantly with unbelievers. The yoke means tied together with another, and in this case one of another kind.

We used to have a team of mules when I was a boy at home. I remember their names well (Kate and Mabel). One was larger and stronger than the other. To equalize the pulling power, the pin in the double tree was off center, so the larger would carry more of the load. They were yoked together but it was an unequal one. Thus, the believer must be careful that he isn't linked with those who are unbelievers who could take advantage of him.

Paul lists some differences in this matter of relationships. They are to be found in verses 14b-16. A question mark (?) follows each of five comparisons. Find them and you will see what Paul was concerned about with the Corinthians. We still have those five situations in our modern world.

The situations where we are unequally yoked can arise, even in the case of romance. Samson became enamourated with a certain Deliah from the camp of the enemy of Israel. Read the terrible consequences in Judges 16:1-31.

Sometime professors in school of higher learning who teach philosophy, humanism, or evolution are not ones in our best interest. The Christian student is set at a very great disadvantage in these classes.

Many times employees find themselves intimidated by an employer who wishes to thrust his ideas of morals or immorals upon those who labor for their, and his profit.

It is often that the Christian mate (whether husband or wife) is joined with an unbeliever. It tends to cause friction and sometimes disfunction on the part of the servant of the Lord. It is a matter one should address before the "I do's".

After considering these possible examples---read II Corinthians 6:14-18. There is a promise made in vss. 17-18. It is up to us to claim it by faith. DDH

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