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Revelation 1:5

John, in writing unto the seven churches which were in Asia, gives us a cache of truth. Their individual messages are given in in chapters 2 and 3. A general address is given, and our text is amidst and amongst it.

There are four things we wish to highlight from this text:

(1) "...unto him,

(2) that loved us,

(3) and washed us from our sins,

(4) in his own blood."

There is a grand array given in this text: to enlighten us; to edify us by reviewing the facts, and, assuring us that He is qualified to be honored.

Beyond this text verse, John reveals that "Grace be unto you", vs. 1. If that weren't enough, he tells us of "peace" coming from a two fold heavenly fount. It is from "him which is, which was, and which is to come, Vs. 1. This could only be referring to Jesus "which is" (at the time of writing, about 96 A.D). At this time He would be in heaven. It speaks of Him "which was", referring to His earthly years, doing His work as our Saviour. Then John speaks of Him "which is to come".

In verse 5, He is the faithful witness. He is the first begotten of the dead. He is also "the prince of the kings of the earth."

In a crisis time, such as when this was written to the seven churches of Asia, it must have given them consolation and courage to forge on carrying out the great commission of our Lord.

Vs. 7 gives us a solemn assurance; He's coming again with clouds. Recall how He went, as recorded in Acts 1:9 ". . . he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight."

Those who are washed from their sins, will find these words both comforting and anticipatory, in that He is coming again. DDH.

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