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I John 2:3

"And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.", I John 2:3

Many may lack the knowledge of knowing Him. They, by whatever formula devise that they are "saved"; but do not necessarily possess an abiding witness that they still are saved. "Blessed Assurance" is surely a blessed spiritual commodity.

The word "hereby" tells us that there is a formula for knowing that "we know him". To know the Lord is of prime importance. To follow this passage will guarantee continuing assurance.

I sense that there are many, many who may have accepted Jesus as Saviour but because of time and circumstances do not enjoy the surety of His Salvation. Such has led to the false concept of 'falling from grace', as some call it.

Jesus' promise of John 10:28 is emphatic: ". . . I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, . . .". It assures us of eternal life; but we may fail to be aware of it at times, unless - - - and this is where our text fits in.

Our text is, one of several, that tells us how to have confidence or assurance in the face of much error and philosophy with thrives today.

He is the Rock, Psalms 62:2; Matthew 16:18; and when we are saved AND follow His ways, we have 'rock-hard' assurance of this relationship.

Two key words are found in the text: "keep" and "his commandments." There are MANY commandments out and about - - - men have written books in which 'commandments' are given. Most every cult and false religion has them. The "Koran" and the "Book of Mormon" are examples.

The ones referred to as "his commandments" means they are the words of the True and Living God of Heaven - - - they are ". . . thus sayeth the Lord, . . ." as in 2 Samuel 24:12. Strong says the word means an "injunction" or an "authoratative prescription". We see clearly by both the word "commandments" and these definitions that they are our 'marching orders' - - - you have your marching orders, Christian soldier, so be about it. A continual study of the Word, with the help of God's Holy Spirit as our teacher, will equip us for our role - - - then we must do it. See John 14:26 and 16:13. DDH

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