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Who Is a Liar?

While there may be ever so many, our text tells of one such case. It is one who talks one way and walks another, relative to the Lord. One example was Judas Iscariot. In John 12:4-6 we learn that he chided Mary for anointing Jesus with expensive ointment, Vss. 4-5. His basis is said to be that the sale of the ointment would give money which could be given to the poor. Sounds good on the surface doesn't it? His real intent was to steal it for himself, vs.6. He talked one way (piously) and walked another (as a thief ). By all the standards we know of today: 'he was a liar' as well as a thief.

Lying has more scope than this text alone. Often lying has to do with gaining things for oneself. Advertizing is a field of opportinity for liars. Ads are often short of truth, and long on lying. The hamburger ads,for instance. That model photographed, and plastered on posters, walls, T V, and magazines is one of mass deception. Most human mouths could not accommodate such a burger.The buyer need not expect one to be delivered like the ad. Likely the lettuce,tomato, onion,and hamburger pattie combined will not be as big as the slice of tomato in the ad.As an old comic used to say 'what you see is what you get'; but he didn't say that about hamburger ads. Many other products are grossly exagerated too.

Lying also can be about Christian's walk, as the text notes. We should ask ourselves, am I as devout and faithful to the Lord as I lead others to think?

Liars come in pious clokes. I John 2:22 reads: "who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? . ..". Many did then, as they do now. Truth and truthfulness is always blessed by the Lord. DDH.

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