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Ephesians 4:12

The apostle Paul writes to the Ephesian church and speaks of "the work of the ministry", Eph. 4:12. It seems to me the "ministry" is kind of a general word covering the five offices mentioned in this verse; "apostles....prophets....evangelists....pastors.... and teachers".

Of these, we see the latter three in prominence. Most generally, a pastor serves these three ministries today - - - a kind of 'three-in-one' arrangement. Missionaries, generally do the same.

The "evangelist" role is directly attributed to Phillip, and Timothy, Acts 21:8 and 2 Timothy 4:5. Three incidents are recorded about Phillip's ministry:

(1) At Samaria he "preached Christ unto them", Acts 5:5. Some were saved and baptized.

(2) He then was commissioned to go southward toward Gaza. At some point along the way he overtook the Ethiopian eunuch. Likewise he "preached unto him Jesus.", Acts 8:35. Thereafter he baptized him and was led of the Lord about unto Caesarea, Acts 8:39-40.

(3) He is at Caesarea about a quarter of a century later, and he hosted Paul and his company. The Scriptures here listed him as "the evangelist", Acts 21:8.

The ministry of some seems to be basically evangelistic, resulting in soul winning. Proverbs 11:30 says ". . . and he that winnith souls is wise." Since most churches today have only one pastor, he must be evangelistic at times or have spiritual meetings with especially chosen evangelists: to implement this part of the "work of the ministry". (more to follow). DDH.

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