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The Worth Of Faith

Philippians 1:7

" cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.", Romans 10:17

Someone has composed an acronymn as seen below, I feel it is worthy of noting:

F orsaking
A ll
T ake
H im.

This says a whole lot in a few words about faith. Now let's look at our text. It seems to fall into three thoughts:

(1) "faith cometh" it is acquired --- it is not natural with man.

(2) faith cometh by hearing --- some message must be received before it can be acquired.

(3) one must hear the "word of God". I'll suggest that hearing may be a broad term which may include reading, for instance --- but, the word of God is an important ingredient to our exercising faith in the Christ of the gospel.

Reading alone may not bring about faith in the proper thing to be saved from our sins. An example is the Scribes and the Pharisees. They knew the Old Testament Scriptures,'by heart', as we have heard said. Yet they did not grasp faith. They felt good works would achieve; but it won't. When Phillip was guided to the Ethiopian treasurer, he was reading an excellent portion of Isaiah, See Acts 8:26-32. Yet he could not understand it, 34. When Phillip revealed the One of which Isaiah prophesied --- he believed on Him, 37. So in this case faith came when he both read and heard the word of God.

I highly recommend that folk attend church services where those who know the Lord, and have studied His word, can so teach that they will have faith in Jesus as Saviour.

Space does not permit me to tell you the many factors in my teenage life before I believed in Christ as God's Saviour given, and my Saviour by faith in Him. DDH.

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